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Freewind Series

Harmony between art and technics



The transparency, the timbre incisivity and ariosity of the medium and high frequencies, comparable with the best electrostatic systems, the powerful bass range, particularly rich in all the types available, the easy pilot system, the reduced dimensions and the dynamic powers, which are typical of the best dynamic systems, are only some of the advantages offered by Trasvelox.

Did you ever notice that, once you take home a new loudspeaker, the incisive performances are not the same noticed in the shop, where you have bought it? The CRA key (environmental reflection control), which all the Trasvelox types have,  allows the loudspeaker system to adjust its timbre incisivity to the reflection coefficient of your home, thus offering you the chance to choose yourself the most appreciated specific sounds incisivity.

The choice, dictated by a voluntary determination,  of the materials used has been concentrated on the top qualities offered by the modern technology combined with the ancient wisdom. Wooden cases made with national walnut blocks worked in staves 25 mm thick; the Tweeter is an Audax component with modified and on purpose lightened aluminium coil with 34mm diameter, the Woofers with a long linear amplitude work with bass reflex (all equipped with rubber suspensions instead of polyurethane ones to ensure a much longer life), the diaphragm of which is in treated paper (the most reliable quality both for incisivity and dynamics), the MKT film capacitors and the coils are air-winding type.    


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